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JND Cleaning LTD the terms and conditions for our services are available on our online page to client’s attention.  Comprehensive cleaning service, way of payment, cancellation policy, our company insurance policy, any damages terms are detailed below. If you wish to raise any question feel free to contact us on 02080893922 or our email: office@jndcleaning.co.uk.

The Client must acknowledge that any use of our Company’s services, including booking any type of our services by Company telephone lines, email or http://jndcleaning.co.uk contact form shall clearly inaugurate the Client’s acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. These terms and conditions may be updated by our Company management from time to time without any given notices to you.
1.1. Our director can amend and control these Terms and Conditions and change at any time.
1.2. No change or slight difference and amendments of these Terms and Conditions shall be valid unless totally acknowledged and approved in writing by the managing director of our Company.
1.3. When booking a long term services like; daily/weekly or fortnightly office cleaning, weekly domestic cleaning or weekly/ fortnightly communal areas cleaning, before the Company’s service commence both the Client and our Company have to sign Contract for services to set out a clear terms, conditions, length of the contract, each other responsibilities, obligations, payment methods, cancellation policy. All this has to be done in writing and both sides Client and our Company representatives or Directors have to sign the contract. The signed contract between Client and our Company shell clearly indicate the length of the contract together with the starting date and finishing date of the services.

2.1. Once the job/task is completed and approved from client the agreed price shell be rendered into Company’s account or immediate payment is made in the next 7 days. The Client has to make payment in few ways- by cash, cheque or bank transfer on each completion.
2.2. Payments for regular domestic cleaning duties must be made within 7 working days after the invoice is received by client.
2.3. The client shall take into consideration that any “overdue payment” will trigger additional charges unless agreed in advance with the company.
2.4. If outstanding invoices are not paid by the client within 20 working days of the initial invoice, we could take an alternative action towards the client to recover the cost via courts.
2.5. Prices of any service must be agreed in advance between JND Cleaners and the Client. The Client will have no right to make any deductions, reductions or retentions from the amount after invoice once released.

Cancellation Policy
3.1. Client could cancel scheduled cleaning service by email or calling our Company no less than 36 hours in advance.
3.1.1 Our cleaners/cleaning crews have to be provided with access to the Client’s home, through the main entry door. If keys are provided, they must freely open all locks without any additional force, efforts or any professional skills;
3.1.2 If Client needs to re-schedule cleaning visit/day or time, the Company could arrange another visit.

4.1. JND Cleaning quality policy ensures that all cleaning tasks will be executed to the Client’s apparent satisfaction. Complaint notice from client must be advised to the Company management with comprehensive disclosed details of the complaint no later 72 hours of the work/task being completed. JND Cleaning can be contacted over the phone or in writing by post, fax or email no later than 72 hours after the completion of the booked service. Once complaint is received our company will check thoroughly the matter and will try its best to resolve it to the Client full satisfaction, landlord or letting agent alternatively to an acceptable standard and free of charge.
4.2. Client completely agrees to grant access for representative cleaning operative of the Company back into the property for agreed beforehand re-clean of any areas/furniture/ cupboards etc… before taking the initiative to clean those areas/rooms/furniture himself or allowing a third party to accomplish cleaning or repair tasks with regards to the above. Failure to do so will void our Company 100% Guarantee and we will consider this matter fully resolved. If payment has not been fully made or has been blocked or avoided by the Client we will instantly refer the matter through the courts.

5.1. The Client entering agreement that due to the specific character of our services the Company can guarantee any problems reported from clients to be corrected only if complaint is politely received within 72 hours of the completion of cleaning service or cleaning tasks.
5.2. The Company might have to be provided again with access arranged in advance by the client.
5.3. Customer agrees to check, audit or inspect and finally review company’s work right away after its finalization. If any problems or issues are raised those has to be brought to the Company’s operatives’ consideration and anything not properly done must be corrected while they are still at the working site. JND Cleaning operatives will carry out any such supplementary labour to the Client’s final and complete satisfaction.
5.4. Client could authorize third party to audit the site and review final results.
5.5 Our cleaning operatives put every effort not to damage client’s items, but unfortunately accidents do appear. JND Cleaning possibly could replace with identical replica item most of the time but this is not 100 % guaranteed. For this exact reason, our company requests all precious or important irreplaceable items or items with sentimental value to be re located or stored aside and /or not touched or cleaned by our cleaners.
5.6. Damages to client property will be repaired and alternatively paid.  If an accidentally cleaners damage and item and such an item cannot be repaired the Company will resolve the matter by crediting the customer with the item’s real substantial amount.

Supplementary Terms and Conditions
6.1. If client is quoted and advised on how long it will take our cleaners, this is only estimate information for an average time of completion. Our cleaners could identify throughout the work estimated time for completion and they will advise the client.
6.2. The Client understands that the price provided as a quote is not for an “offer or discount” and does not include anything apart from general clean or ironing if arranged beforehand.
6.3. The Client agrees that the given price for an end of tenancy cleaning is based on correct information provided by client. This will be the information given via email or over the phone. Clients understands that misleading information towards the property size will automatically trigger the clause that our company might Refuse to proceed with the clean or client will be advised that additional charges will be applied. With all respect to our customers and with respect towards the cleaning services we provide we want to specify that we are very much customer orientated and our cleaners will go an extra mile for client, but client understands that misleading information will not benefit neither the job nor the cleaners’ efforts to bring the property cleanliness to the required standards. Each cleaning task takes time and effort and for the successful completion and guarantee only if JND Cleaning gained the required information.
6.3.1 End of tenancy cleaning clients specify exact number of corridors, kitchen, receptions, bedrooms, toilets, bathrooms, furnished or unfurnished property, carpeted rooms, hallways, landings and exact number of the step on staircase. External window cleaning is not included in the price (speak to our sale team about it).
6.4. Our cleaners are happy to move furniture only if it is light to be moved and poses no risk for damage of the property floors, walls or other furniture or risk for their health. Furniture, upholstery or wardrobes which have to be moved must go through consultation with client to specify exactly what is moved, when and how.
6.5. Any breakable items must be safely secured or removed from every working site.
6.6. Our Company foremost reserves the right to review and make partly changes to some of the written terms and conditions without advising client. Please check the website http://jndcleaning.co.uk regularly for any recent updates.

Rippling and buckling of the carpets?
JND Cleaning operatives using the most conservative carpet cleaning method: hot water extraction method. It is the most recommended method by many carpet manufacturers.  It is possible the carpets rippling and buckling after clean despite all this could appear naturally to a carpet over time.
After Cleaning:
JND Cleaning must not be held responsible after carpet cleaning if client’s carpet presents rippling, buckling or shrinking immediately after carpet cleaning; it is possible the carpet is not yet fully dry. The other reason is poor fitting of the carpet or carpets which were fitted long time ago. Older carpets could stretch during cleaning and we cannot be held responsible for this reason. Last common reason is high humidity, as the carpets are wet cleaned. As we don’t know when carpet was installed it is customer responsibility to advice on any loose carpets or go ahead with the carpet clean.
Drying time of the carpets:
During summer time it is 2-4 hours, winter time it could take up to a day to get dry naturally. We are using double vacuum carpet cleaning machine which helps to soak up back most of the injected into the carpet cleaning solution.

Insurance Policy
7.1. The Company is in possession of Public and Employer’s liability insurance. Our insurance policy can partly or fully cover any unintentional damages caused by our member of staff whilst working; these accidents have to be brought to our attention no more than 24 hours of service date.

8.1. These terms and conditions shall be governed by the appropriate United Kingdom law, and when agreeing to be bound by them the customer agrees to submit to the complete jurisdiction of the applicable courts in the United Kingdom.